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Homemade Egg Rolls!

One of my most favorite memories from growing up is when my mom and dad would work in the kitchen together and make homemade egg rolls.  They would cook all the ingredients together, drain it, roll them in the kitchen together (laughing and being silly) and then fry them in the electric fryer which made some other YUMMY items like pancakes, city chicken, and special breakfast!

Mom, Wes, and I went to Buford Highway Farmer’s Market yesterday and I told her
I was craving these homemade egg rolls.  Interestingly enough, she was all eager to make them, as she herself had been craving them and would love to make them – so we got all the ingredients there!

Lean ground Pork, snow peas, mung bean sprouts, carrots, peppers, onion, egg roll wrappers, and stuff to make sauce for dipping!

Cook the pork first and then add all the veggies, as well as Sriacha, Garlic, Ginger, Fish Sauce, Soy Sauce, Cumin, Crushed Red Pepper, and a little S&P – cook all that in a taller pot and put a lid on it and let it sit and cook for about 20 minutes.

Drain the mix (saving the juice for a soup or something else – do NOT throw it away)

and make the rolls – putting the mix in the square and then folding – doesn’t that make TOTAL sense?!?!?  And make sure you put a little water on the end before you seal it.











Then we fried them in our little fryer on the lowest heat

and ate them with a few sauces:

-mustard & soy sauce

-black bean sauce

-ketchup & strawberry jam (dad and mom used to make this with grape jelly and ketchup – YUM)






very happy and brought back happy memories for me and mom!

**and a little tidbit of info – dry fried things on a paper bag instead of a paper towel – less soggy!!



Homemade Pasta

I am convinced anyone (yes, anyone) can do this!

We had these RANDOM butternut squash grow in our garden.  We didn’t plant them and a plant just sprouted up and wound it’s way through our bok choy.  We clipped them, put them in the basement and when they started to ‘go’, had to cook them…there were about 3-4.  So I peeled them, diced them, and cooked them in the oven with a little S&P and olive oil.  Then I chopped shallots and sage and when the squash was done, mashed all that together and froze it in my one quart ziplock bags.

Took it out yesterday to thaw, along with some wonton wrappers from the Asian market.  Wonton wrappers are great for making homemade pasta!!!

Tonight, put a small dollop of the squash mix in the center of the wonton wrapper and then used water to seal them into triangles.  Now – you can use anything like plain ricotta with one egg and some seasoning or ricotta with one egg and some diced veggies or ricotta with one egg and some ground sausage or chopped pancetta…..but I digress.

Make little raviolis and put them on a sheet pan covered with a wet towel.  *also, cover the wontons as you are using them so they don’t dry out*  In the meantime, boil salted water and then drop several ravioli in there until they rise to the top and cook for about a minute after that.  Then I took them and tossed them in a non-stick pan with butter and a little more salt (you could also add some sage) and then poured them in a bowl and put fresh grated Parmesan Cheese on them.

Everyone came to the party, including the Pilgrims….

They were so good, and actually quite light!

Low Country Boil!

Melly’s 40th party was this past weekend in Charlotte.  SO MUCH FUN!

No real ‘theme’ to the party, however, Steve & Melly knew they wanted to make Low Country Boil.  That was an open invitation to Jenny & Melis to use shrimp, crabs, and other assorted beach items as the theme!

*click on photos to see them larger*

Cake was a pot with Shrimp!

Shrimp Boil Cake

Nice Hors D’oeuvres Spread

yummy spread

Steve hard at work making Low country Boil

Steve hard at work

Low Country Boil close up – potatoes, shrimp, kielbasa, corn, carrots, onions, zatarains & old bay – plus some other yummy things Steve threw in there!

Low Country Boil in super fun holder

Great looking display!

LCB feeding station

Don’t forget the drinks and ADORABLE cups!  Love the drink dispenser from Costco!  You can use that thing again!

vodka lemonade

Next morning – SHRIMP & GRITS – thanks to the resident Chef on Serenity Pointe Lane – YUM!  Even Amelia tasted the shrimp and liked it!

shrimp & grits


Byzeks together = Cooking up a STORM

Wes & I went to Cary to see the family, as Barader & Saskia were in the States from Germany.  When we all get together, there is a A LOT of cooking and eating and drinking going on.

Thursday night we had salad, as mom, JM, & Saskia had just gotten back from the beach with Jeff, Yeva, and the girls.  They were wanting light, so we cooked shrimp and steak and had big salads with a vinaigrette potato salad – yummy and light!

Friday night Jeff, Yeva, and the girls came over to mom’s and he made paella – YUM!


It was chock full of good stuff from the beach, along with green beans and asparagus (mainly due to the fact that yours truly does not like green peas).

Saturday night was when EVERYONE was there to visit during dinner time – Uncle Jim and his friend Anne, our cousin Nancy, all of us – party!  We grilled out and made steak, portobello mushrooms, chicken thighs, mushrooms, and scallops.

Sunday morning was my request for Special Breakfast.  This is something my Dzedo used to make when we went to Pennsylvania or he would come visit us.  It takes a while to cut everything (thank you Nancy for the peppers being cut) and then cook it in stages.  Potatoes, peppers, sausage, bacon with eggs (eggs are separate, though some in the extended family may disagree).  When it was all done, supper yummy!

Special Breakfast!

You can smell this and it just reminds you of Babi & Dzedo’s house when you woke up and this was waiting for you!

As imagined, there was a lot of beer and wine consumption.  I normally drink wine, but when around the brothers, consume lots of beer instead.  Our cousin, Chris, sent some yummy Nut Brown Ale from Jax with Uncle Jim and that was quickly consumed with praise all around.

Great trip, great to see everyone.  Girls were adorable and lovable – sad to leave and drive home to Atlanta.