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OMG! Where have I been?!?!

I have been busy people!  Running, cooking for my husband, working wherever Gables puts me, drinking wine – B-U-S-Y! 😉

Tonight, had some extra pizza dough laying around (really, who SAYS that?) and went to the grocery today (the horrid Kroger on Cleveland/Metropolitan) and wanted something SIMPLE!

I make my dough homemade – GREAT recipe I got from an Italian Cookbook that I have modified slightly.  Here is where you need your food processor to mix everything together:

Dissolve one packet yeast into WARM –> HOT water – let that sit about 5 minutes.  Put the following into your food processor:

1 C All purpose flour

1C whole wheat flour (+ another 1-2 T once you start mixing it)

About 1 T extra virgin olive oil

Start the food processor and then pour in the yeast/water mixture

I like to add some herbs at this point too – basil, oregano, rosemary – all good

Add some more whole wheat flour as needed until things start to get formed into a ball.  Take it out of the bowl and then knead it with a little more whole wheat flour until not sticky – put it in a bowl (I like stainless steel) and wrap it all cozy in a room or on your couch with blankets and towels to keep it warm and let it rise and double in size. **Learned this one from my mom, who used to make her kolachi dough and wrap it with love so it would rise!**

Then take it and roll it out and place on a baking sheet (we have a pizza pan with holes in it – bakes great!) or on a pizza stone.

Brushed a little olive oil and then some Herbs de Provence on it, then spread PLAIN tomato sauce on there (but that by the can) and then added pepperoni, sliced broccoli, sausage crumbles, and mozzarella cheese – I recommend CUBED cheese, as that is how they do it in Italy – but the shredded was on sale and works well too.  Baked @ 375 degrees so the sausage could cook and then added a little bit of crumbled feta cheese about 10 minutes before I took it out.  Cooked for about 15-20 minutes – just KEEP CHECKING IT.  When it is brown…it is done.



LOVE me some homemade pizza – last night, Wes was craving it and suggested homemade pizza earlier in the day.

Have a great recipe for whole wheat pizza dough from an Italian cookbook I have.  Used the tons of tomatoes from our garden with fresh basil and balsamic (and a little canned diced tomatoes) to make homemade tomato sauce.

Rolled out the dough super thin – actually made 2 pizzas – and then sautéed some peppers and put peppers, sausage, turkey bacon, and mozzarella cheese on each.  Baked at 425 until crust was brown and finished with fresh grated parmesan.  YUM!