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Feeling Lazy? Grab some chicken and kale!

With a 5 year old and 3 year old, food prep is hard sometimes!

Like today, for example…two girls decided naps were not happening after an hour of &#%$ing around, tattling on each other, getting up to come tell me “something important”, etc.

So I got them both up and made them sit on kitchen chairs watching me prep for the week…slicing Brussels, marinating chicken thighs, making egg muffins…no music (much to the chagrin of me AND Alexa), no TV, no talking…you get it. Basically, NO FUN.

So…on a night when I am worn out, this recipe is so easy and delicious….

Take one bunch of kale, ribs removed and sliced..put that in a large saute pan on medium with about 2T avocado or XV olive oil, add S&P and cook down a bit…about 10 minutes and stirring every few minutes.

Then I took some frozen chicken tenders I had bought…about 6-7…and sliced them thin and added to the pan.

*I thawed by putting the bag in a bowl under some running water “restaurant style” and sliced while slightly frozen…you can always turn the heat down on the stove to accommodate.

Added about 2 T balsamic vinegar, 3 minced garlic cloves and a little more oil if needed.

Then threw sun dried tomatoes. I had taken one cup of dried ones and put them in about 2 cups water with some salt and microwaved for about 3 minutes to ‘plump’ them up.

Added and tossed, tasted, a little more S&P and some nutritional yeast and DONE!

*you can serve over some pasta if not eating #whole30 add pasta water to help with “sauce”.


I’m Back – Kale Yeah!

So Wes has a heavy paper writing/requirement this quarter in school.  He is taking 2 business classes this time around and it is papers galore!  He hogs the computer all the time and by the time he is done, I am just tired and have time to quickly check FB and my email.

Friday night, made one of our all time favorite dishes here at the Blanton house – Kale, Chicken, SDT Pasta!  YUM!

Take about 2-3 strips of bacon (or bacon fat you save under your sink, your choice) and chop the bacon – cook that.  Take the bacon out and put in the kale.  You can put the kale in a salad spinner.  You have to take the large rib in the back out/cut off that rib.  Then just tear it and put it in the spinner, drain it, and put it in the pan with the bacon fat.

Cook the kale down – trust me, you will know what I mean.  Then throw in the sun dried tomatoes, some garlic, some S&P, always adding a little olive oil if necessary during all the cooking.  Then put in sliced chicken and cook that.

At the same time, make pasta (whole wheat penne is good or whole wheat linguine) and when you drain it – SCOOP IT OUT – don’t pour it into a colander in the sink.  I take ours out with a mesh skimmer or a pasta scoop if it is longer pasta and then put it in a serving bowl.  Then I pour the kale/chicken mix over top, put a little more olive oil on there, grate some parm, and then about a cup to a cup and a half of pasta water.  The pasta water keeps things moist without making them oily (key when you are cooking for one Wes Blanton).

Serve it up and dig in!