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Junky Foods I Love

So I saw this on a WSJ link – this guy wrote about his favorite ‘bad’ foods and all these people wrote about ‘if he wanted to poison himself’ and ‘die an early death’.  PUH-LEASE – I am doing Weight Watchers right now and I STILL am going to drink wine, eat pizza, drink (good) beer, and have some damn cheese!

So my bad foods I love:

10 – Garlic Knots from Ippolito’s  – SO FREAKING GOOD THESE ARE

9 – Macaroni & Cheese – EATS has great mac and cheese – I do not EVEN want to KNOW what is in it!

8 – Tater Tots (preferably with melted cheese and served to me at the Highlander whilst I am drinking yummy beer and playing Simpsons pinball or air hockey with my sweetie, listening to THE BEST jukebox in the city of Atlanta)

7 – Reuben – rye, corned beef, 1000 island, sauerkraut – the whole 9 yards.  Do not even ATTEMPT to give me some crappy turkey light reuben crap.  The Brake Pad used to have a great reuben and *sigh* have taken it off the menu

6 – CORN DOGS!  I love them so much that I wanted a corn dog cart for my 40th, but he was booked – so Garrett made HOMEMADE corn dogs instead – which kicked major ass!

5 – Krispy Kreme original doughnuts – ONLY when they are “Hot & Now’

4 – Waffle House Breakfast (eggs over medium, sausage, grits w/butter and S&P, buttermilk waffle, big fat cup of coffee and service with an attitude and a smile, and Wes putting songs on the jukebox)

3 – Onion Rings, pretty much from anywhere – could care less if they are accompanied by ketchup

2 – Chili Dog from the Varsity

1 – Filet O Fish Sandwich from Mickey D’s! – SO BAD FOR YOU – but SO DAMN GOOD

1 plus – Anything ‘Benedict’ AKA with Hollandaise