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Hmm..thought we took more German food photos…

Apparently, we were too busy drinking yummy Alt Bier and the number of food photos I thought we had were not taken….however – I still have some GREAT shots of key, yummy dishes.

Do I wish there were more photos of Wes & I eating 2,50 euro bratwurst and curry wurst at the Christmas Markets?  Yes!  But we were too busy eating to take them!  The Japanese tourist was hungry and it was raining a lot of the time.  (BTW – Wurst is pronounce Verst) 🙂

First stop – UERIGE – where the Barader works.  I HAD to get a taste of my favorite Alt Bier in the awesome glasses from a Koebbe (waiter).

Our first meal was at Fuechschen Braurei where I started with Mett Broetchen – which is RAW, MINCED PORK on a Rye Roll (yum) with onion – you add a little salt and pepper and it is DELICIOUS!

This was my starter (Wes had a bite or two, but he does not love it as I do).  We ate dinner there (me – Bratwurst with Potato Salad, Wes – Choucrote garni (ham and other sausages) with sauerkraut)!

JM, Wes, & I took a train (with a 1.5 hour delay) to Brussels, Belgium Friday afternoon and headed to Delirium for beers from midnight to 4am!  Belgium Beers on TAP, people!  YUM-tastic! *and 9% average

Next day, Saskia joined us and we went to dinner (ok) and then Sunday AM went to breakfast where each couple got a basket of homemade bread and there were all these homemade jams and spreads on this community, large table we sat at.  Wes & I ordered extra meat and cheese and JM & Saskia got soft boiled eggs (JM butchered his and Saskia is a pro).  Mole was there, as he travels with JM & Saskia.

Back in Germany on Sunday night we went up the street to this yummy place we went to with Juergen and Helma last time we were there (Saskia’s parents…Yur-gen) . Where we had another YUMMY dinner.

I had schnitzel with SPINACH AND HOLLANDAISE..I know!!!  GENIUS!

Wes had Schnitzel with Hollandaise and *something we can’t remember* with Pommes (Pom-miss) – but it was good! *Pommes come with Mayonnaise, which Germans love..Wes, not so much!

JM had Gruenkohl, which is cooked kale with potatoes (which we made homemade our last night there!) and sausage – YUMMY!  And Saskia had her favorite (and mine) Curry Wurst with Pommes!

We went into Duesseldorf at one point and hopped off the train at the main station (Hauptbahnhof) and got (our favorite) – a DOENER KABOB!   There is a large Turkish population in Germany and these delicious “gyro on crack” sandwiches have a different bread and a spicy curry sauce on them (Dee, that’s for you) as well as marinated cabbage, a lighter ‘cucumber style’ sauce and some salad mix – these are chicken..and, as you can tell, we are HAPPY to be eating them!

We went to Essen for the day and after a bummer of a trip to the coal mine there, as it was raining, JM took the train from Kettwig and met up with us for an AMAZING ‘Bavarian style’ dinner at a place he was a little skeptical of that we stumbled upon (turns out we should have just called Saskia, as she had heard of the place) – service was great, beer was served in a huge glass, and food was SO GOOD.  But before dinner, Christmas markets and Gluehwein!!!

Cue to Friday afternoon and it is our last day to go to Duesseldorf (I know – BOO) and we meet up with JM before we head to his house to make dinner.  And here it is – our last draft Alt bier together for this trip 😦

The next day we headed to Hattingen for another Christmas market – very cute, smaller town, very quaint and again, yummy Gluehwein and then back to Kettwig for cookies and a cordial with Saskia’s Opa and Oma (so CUTE – they sent something home with us for my mom – a Stollen) and then dinner with Saskia’s parents and homemade Gruenkohl with the awesome meats and ‘schmaltz’ that I don’t know if you can get in the states and you cannot (disappointingly) bring back to the states.  Again, boo.

Dinner lasted until 2am thanks to Saskia’s parents and their generosity and the sharing of liquor by her father, Jurgen.  The 7am wake up call for the plane hurt a little bit!

Such a GREAT trip and such WONDERFUL memories!  We hated to leave and I love you Germany!!!