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Miso happy about this soup – even if it isn’t 100% paleo

I understand miso paste isn’t whole30 or paleo, but if you have done a round or two of whole30 (as I have), know what jacks your body up, and can handle and are down with some fermented soybean paste – this stuff MIGHT be your jam!

The fam went to Birmingham to see the sistah a few weekends ago to get some ‘cousin time’. To be perfectly clear, my main goal was to get “sistah/best friend/regroup/bitch a little/drink a little/eat yummy food/laugh” time….everyone else just came along!

We made LARB – which may actually be the favorite thing Princess Stupidhead and I make together (those of you over the age of about 40 will know this nickname as a Thirtysomething reference).

We did larb spring rolls – ground chicken, red onion, shredded carrot, all the yummy spices, and rice paper wrappers…..

For the kiddos, I thought I would try and make some homemade miso/udon bowls. My girls (ages 3 & 5) have had different things at Sushi when we go out, but hadn’t really had the ‘hearty’ soup with the noodles, meat, etc. Luckily, when you go to visit your ‘older cousins’, you idolize them and want to eat what they eat, sleep where they sleep, watch what they watch, etc.- so my kids LOVED their soup…minus some celery.

I have since made another batch and took it to Alexzandra’s teachers for lunch and it has become one of my new favorite things.

While I know it isn’t something I can eat on whole30, I think having it every once in a while is a nice change and since soy was something that my body didn’t react to with horror and vengeance, I can keep it (in moderation) as part of my #foodfreedom.

For my soup, I made veggie stock first, as I keep a bag of vegetable scraps in my freezer (carrot peels, onion remains, mushroom stems, broccoli stems, herb stems, garlic peels, celery stalk ends).

Then I strained it and used the stock to cook everything before I added the miso paste.

I chopped up about 3 carrots, sliced a bunch of mushrooms, and made some small meatballs with

1/2 lb ground chicken

1 T each ground ginger, ground garlic, squeeze lemongrass

Added a few dashes of coconut aminos, juice of 1/2 a lime, and a light sprinkle of coconut flour before I mixed and then made small balls I dropped into the boiling stock.

After all those items were cooked, added in udon noodles and cooked then cooled them off.

Then added a little water to the stock so my ratio was one cup liquid to 1 T miso paste.

Added all the cooked stuff in and sprinkled some sliced scallions on top.

Ready to enjoy!


Homemade Egg Rolls!

One of my most favorite memories from growing up is when my mom and dad would work in the kitchen together and make homemade egg rolls.  They would cook all the ingredients together, drain it, roll them in the kitchen together (laughing and being silly) and then fry them in the electric fryer which made some other YUMMY items like pancakes, city chicken, and special breakfast!

Mom, Wes, and I went to Buford Highway Farmer’s Market yesterday and I told her
I was craving these homemade egg rolls.  Interestingly enough, she was all eager to make them, as she herself had been craving them and would love to make them – so we got all the ingredients there!

Lean ground Pork, snow peas, mung bean sprouts, carrots, peppers, onion, egg roll wrappers, and stuff to make sauce for dipping!

Cook the pork first and then add all the veggies, as well as Sriacha, Garlic, Ginger, Fish Sauce, Soy Sauce, Cumin, Crushed Red Pepper, and a little S&P – cook all that in a taller pot and put a lid on it and let it sit and cook for about 20 minutes.

Drain the mix (saving the juice for a soup or something else – do NOT throw it away)

and make the rolls – putting the mix in the square and then folding – doesn’t that make TOTAL sense?!?!?  And make sure you put a little water on the end before you seal it.











Then we fried them in our little fryer on the lowest heat

and ate them with a few sauces:

-mustard & soy sauce

-black bean sauce

-ketchup & strawberry jam (dad and mom used to make this with grape jelly and ketchup – YUM)






very happy and brought back happy memories for me and mom!

**and a little tidbit of info – dry fried things on a paper bag instead of a paper towel – less soggy!!