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Feeling Lazy? Grab some chicken and kale!

With a 5 year old and 3 year old, food prep is hard sometimes!

Like today, for example…two girls decided naps were not happening after an hour of &#%$ing around, tattling on each other, getting up to come tell me “something important”, etc.

So I got them both up and made them sit on kitchen chairs watching me prep for the week…slicing Brussels, marinating chicken thighs, making egg muffins…no music (much to the chagrin of me AND Alexa), no TV, no talking…you get it. Basically, NO FUN.

So…on a night when I am worn out, this recipe is so easy and delicious….

Take one bunch of kale, ribs removed and sliced..put that in a large saute pan on medium with about 2T avocado or XV olive oil, add S&P and cook down a bit…about 10 minutes and stirring every few minutes.

Then I took some frozen chicken tenders I had bought…about 6-7…and sliced them thin and added to the pan.

*I thawed by putting the bag in a bowl under some running water “restaurant style” and sliced while slightly frozen…you can always turn the heat down on the stove to accommodate.

Added about 2 T balsamic vinegar, 3 minced garlic cloves and a little more oil if needed.

Then threw sun dried tomatoes. I had taken one cup of dried ones and put them in about 2 cups water with some salt and microwaved for about 3 minutes to ‘plump’ them up.

Added and tossed, tasted, a little more S&P and some nutritional yeast and DONE!

*you can serve over some pasta if not eating #whole30 add pasta water to help with “sauce”.


Miso happy about this soup – even if it isn’t 100% paleo

I understand miso paste isn’t whole30 or paleo, but if you have done a round or two of whole30 (as I have), know what jacks your body up, and can handle and are down with some fermented soybean paste – this stuff MIGHT be your jam!

The fam went to Birmingham to see the sistah a few weekends ago to get some ‘cousin time’. To be perfectly clear, my main goal was to get “sistah/best friend/regroup/bitch a little/drink a little/eat yummy food/laugh” time….everyone else just came along!

We made LARB – which may actually be the favorite thing Princess Stupidhead and I make together (those of you over the age of about 40 will know this nickname as a Thirtysomething reference).

We did larb spring rolls – ground chicken, red onion, shredded carrot, all the yummy spices, and rice paper wrappers…..

For the kiddos, I thought I would try and make some homemade miso/udon bowls. My girls (ages 3 & 5) have had different things at Sushi when we go out, but hadn’t really had the ‘hearty’ soup with the noodles, meat, etc. Luckily, when you go to visit your ‘older cousins’, you idolize them and want to eat what they eat, sleep where they sleep, watch what they watch, etc.- so my kids LOVED their soup…minus some celery.

I have since made another batch and took it to Alexzandra’s teachers for lunch and it has become one of my new favorite things.

While I know it isn’t something I can eat on whole30, I think having it every once in a while is a nice change and since soy was something that my body didn’t react to with horror and vengeance, I can keep it (in moderation) as part of my #foodfreedom.

For my soup, I made veggie stock first, as I keep a bag of vegetable scraps in my freezer (carrot peels, onion remains, mushroom stems, broccoli stems, herb stems, garlic peels, celery stalk ends).

Then I strained it and used the stock to cook everything before I added the miso paste.

I chopped up about 3 carrots, sliced a bunch of mushrooms, and made some small meatballs with

1/2 lb ground chicken

1 T each ground ginger, ground garlic, squeeze lemongrass

Added a few dashes of coconut aminos, juice of 1/2 a lime, and a light sprinkle of coconut flour before I mixed and then made small balls I dropped into the boiling stock.

After all those items were cooked, added in udon noodles and cooked then cooled them off.

Then added a little water to the stock so my ratio was one cup liquid to 1 T miso paste.

Added all the cooked stuff in and sprinkled some sliced scallions on top.

Ready to enjoy!

Flava….it’s what’s for dinna

After completing a round of Whole30 and seeing some fantastic changes to my body, my sleep habits, my skin, my acid reflux, my weight, and my daily “feeling”, I have really tried to eat 90/10.

I try to focus on eating all the yummy and delicious meals I made and researched, along with making some of my faves #whole30approved.

Breakfast is still usually compliant and I find myself looking at every snack and item I buy for the ingredients…many of which scare the crap out of me to even put back in my body! I won’t go on about this, but once you cut a lot of stuff out you REALLY can’t put it back in….

So I make curry just about every other week for Wes for lunches during the week. I made it pretty healthy before, but I now make my own curry powder/mix and use coconut cream as my thickener.

5-6 medium red potatoes, 1 inch dices

5 large carrots, peeled and sliced on a bias

2 broccoli crowns, trimmed

2 chicken breasts, cut in half longwise and thinly sliced

1/2 red onion, large dice

-turmeric, fenugreek, ginger, garlic, cumin, lemongrass, garam masala, dried onion, cayenne, s&p (all dried, I just do about 2-3 big shakes of each)

-avocado or coconut oil, fish sauce, coconut aminos (can use soy sauce or ponzu if you aren’t worried about paleo/whole30), 2 cup chicken or veggie stock, 1/2 can coconut cream

*put about 2 T oil in a wok on medium

*add potatoes and cook until softer…about 10 minutes…add carrots and cook 5 minutes, add broccoli and cook 5 minutes, add onion….add ALL SPICES, about 1T each of fish sauce and coconut aminos and add stock as needed…you may not need all 2 cups

*add chicken, stir to mix up and cook until no more pink in chicken

*turn temperature down to medium low and add coconut cream

Makes about 5-6 servings…

So. Yum!!!

My blogging skills are truly lacking…

So I JUST wrote about how you have to blog AT LEAST every other day to actually ‘be’ a blogger and then I go and DON’T WRITE ANYTHING  for like a month!  WTH?

I am coming back into the picture with some yummy, delicious CURRY that I made tonight.

In my wok, I put about 2 T canola oil and some dry curry powder.  I cooked 3 cubed red potatoes in the microwave for 4 minutes, drained them, and then put them in the wok.  I added 3 thick sliced carrots and about 1 cup of stock (I used chicken).

Then I added 1 red pepper cut into large dice, 1 lemon squash cut into quarters, and half an onion in big dice.  Juice of half a lime, about 1 T fish sauce, granulated garlic (about 1/2 T), 2 tsp cumin, 1 T panang curry paste,

Let that cook down a bit, stirring every 3 minutes or so for about 15 minutes and then added sliced chicken breast.  (Pack of 3 boneless breasts….cut 2 in half longwise and then slice into thin ‘cubes’) Added chicken breast, stirred, and added about a ‘dash’ of Rooster Sauce and stirred some more.






After that, added one can coconut milk

and some chopped cilantro and Thai Basil (from our garden, natch) and then served it up.


Lunch for tomorrow and a healthy meal for tonight!


Hey Danielle – I made your favorite….CURRY!

We LOVE Curry here in the Blanton house.  Dee thinks we are crazy, but she is a freak that hates lots of foods (AND words) so I am confident to tell you- CURRY ROCKS!

First – prep your veggies – I cut up red pepper, 2-3 carrots (sliced thin), 2 cubed potatoes (cooked in the microwave with about 1/2 cup water for 4 minutes), and 1/2 diced onion (I prefer red).

Then get started in your wok!

-1 T canola oil and add to that – the diced onion, 2 T curry powder or curry paste (I get mine at the International Markets here around Atlanta, I have included a link to some great curry powders from Penzeys Spices….), 2 chopped/diced kaffir lime leaves (or 1 zested lime and the juice of that), 1 T fresh lemongrass or  1 t lemongrass powder and let that cook and add about 1 cup of stock and then about 1 cup of tomato sauce.  I then use a beurre mixer in the wok to mix all that up after it has cooked for about 5-10 minutes.  Then I add 1 can of chickpeas and the sliced carrots and let that cook for about 5 minutes.  Then I add a few squirts of Sriacha, the potatoes, about 1 cup of frozen corn, and the red pepper and cook that for about 3-5 minutes.  Then I take a chicken breast (sliced) and put that in with everything….I usually take 1-2 frozen chicken breasts and boil that and use some of that liquid as needed for the curry.  I cook it about halfway and then slice it SUPER THIN and cook it.

Then, when that is done, add 1 large can of light coconut milk and cook for about 5 minutes.  I then add some chopped cilantro and serve over quinoa or cous cous – but you can also serve over rice or eat alone –


So(ba) Delicious!

Wes & I went to the Italian Film Festival @ GSU tonight with Oana and Mike.  Then we went to Porter Beer Bar (I love you Yeti beer, all chocolate-y and delicious) afterward for some beer and popcorn.  At said bar, we talked about dinner and ALL OF A SUDDEN I was craving Asian noodles!

Came home and Boiled 2 frozen chicken breasts with powdered ginger, about 5 garlic cloves, and 2-3 shakes of lemongrass

Grated about 4 carrots with the mandoline

Cut up the Baby Bok Choy we had in the fridge – separating the green leaves and white stems

Sliced up half a red onion

After the chicken was cooked, took it out and put it in a bowl in the freezer to cool

Got the wok hot with sesame, chili, and canola oils – then added broccoli and the white bok choy stems, cooked that (stirring constantly) for about 3-5 minutes and added the onion and the carrot, cooking for another 3-5 minutes

Added a little soy sauce and a scoop or two of broth from the chicken water.  At the SAME TIME I was cooking in the wok, put the soba noodles in the chicken water and cooked for about 6-7 minutes.

Sliced the chicken after letting it cool for about 5 minutes and added it to the wok

I took a packet of miso soup (get that at the Asian market) and added 2/3 cup of chicken/soba water to it

Took the soba noodles out of water and put them right into the wok – tossed things around and then added that miso broth to it and then it was READY TO EAT!


Things you should have in your kitchen

Jenny (of Hey Jenny!) called me the other night and said she needs ‘an app’ for my blog.  Not quite sure how to do that or if that is even possible, but instead I promised her a list of things I think everyone should have in their kitchens.  These are things I always use, or just plain like to have around in case I need them.  Some of them are not 100% necessary, but if I ever come visit you and I need to ‘Iron Chef’ it up for dinner – having these items would be most helpful!

List form?  Sure, why not!  These are not in any order, just how I am thinking of them while drinking Cupcake Cabernet and not allowing myself to get up and ‘go look’!

1 – Sun Dried Tomatoes – a must!  I found a great 2 lb bag at Costco for cheap, already hydrated.  You can throw these in hummus, pasta, salads, stuff them in chicken breasts – versatile!

2 – Fresh Garlic – don’t have to refrigerate this stuff.  I keep it in a small dish in my spice cabinet and keep the ones I am not using in the fridge.  You can also buy the pre-ground garlic in a jar that is refrigerated.  Either will do nicely, thank you.

3 – Kosher Salt – just rocks, great to cook with

4 – Canned Chick Peas – always have these around to make hummus, add them to curry, put them in a salad

and along with this comes

5 – Tahini – I personally think everyone should have tahini in their cabinet.  Don’t refrigerate it, not necessary and makes it icky.  I use it pretty much only for hummus, but hummus is a great snack you can whip up with just about any bean and eat with chips, veggies, pita.  You can get tahini in the international section of a grocery store or at an Asian-type market

6 – Olive Oil – I like to have both spray and stuff you can pour.  I also try to make sure my Olive Oil is cold pressed and from Italy or Spain only.  You can cook with it and it is healthier than most oils.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good, but the smoke point isn’t that high, so if you cook with it, expect your food to burn in the pan.

7 – Good Balsamic Vinegar – spend a little $$ on this stuff.  It is great to marinate pork, beef, chicken – great tossed in pasta, great on salad.  We brought some good stuff back from Germany when we went to see JM.  I don’t expect anyone to travel to Europe, but get the good stuff.

8 – Fresh Parmesan or Asiago cheese

9 – Frozen Chicken Breasts – Lately, I am buying this from Wal Mart.  When I am feeling ‘culinary’ I buy the bone-in breasts and remove them, freeze them, and save the bone for stock (Steve, we can discuss this later so you can start making it).  Having chicken in your freezer that you can just throw in a pot and boil is GREAT!

10 – Frozen Shrimp – preferable the ‘bigger kind’ 21-35 (in that range) – Raw, Tail On OR Raw, Heads On.  You can make GREAT shrimp stock from the heads and shells (again, Steve, we will discuss) and use it for rice, cous cous, or quinoa

which brings me to:

11 – Cous Cous or Quinoa – I know, I know.  People love rice.  These two other grains are so much better for you!  And so easy to make.

12 – Whole Wheat/Whole Grain Pasta – maybe 1-2 boxes each of whatever type you like (We like penne and linguine in the Blanton house)

13 – Cumin – you can get this at a Hispanic Market or the grocery (Hispanic market is cheaper).  Great to put in hummus or as a marinade herb

14 – Fresh Lemons & Limes – another great thing for marinades and lemons are necessary for hummus.  As my 1st teacher at AIA said, “lemon juice is an abomination” – so I always prefer fresh

15 – A good microplane zester/grater

16 – A good cheese grater (this one’s for you, Schupacks)

17 – Large non-stick saute pan and Large regular saute pan

18 – 4-6 Qt Saucepot

19 – 8-10 Qt Stockpot

20 – Soy Sauce – again, good marinade, good to make stir fry, etc.

21 – Corn Starch- I know, sounds weird, but helpful to make stir fry or thicken any sauce you have

22 – Canned Black Beans – again, just something that can be added to anything and a good staple

23 – Canola Oil – natch

24 – Ground Turkey – Whenever this goes on sale in the 1 lb package, I always buy about 3-4 of them and freeze them.

25 – Pork tenderloin – again, buy it when it is on sale and you can throw the package right into your freezer

25 – Frozen Tilapia – Again, Costco has this fresh in family packages.  You can take it home and separate it into smaller bags

which leads me to:

26 – 1 QT Freezer Bags – a MUST in my house

OK – I think this is a good enough list to start with.  I also always have Pita Bread in the house for hummus – but that is just me!

Bo Benny – hope this helps!