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So(ba) Delicious!

Wes & I went to the Italian Film Festival @ GSU tonight with Oana and Mike.  Then we went to Porter Beer Bar (I love you Yeti beer, all chocolate-y and delicious) afterward for some beer and popcorn.  At said bar, we talked about dinner and ALL OF A SUDDEN I was craving Asian noodles!

Came home and Boiled 2 frozen chicken breasts with powdered ginger, about 5 garlic cloves, and 2-3 shakes of lemongrass

Grated about 4 carrots with the mandoline

Cut up the Baby Bok Choy we had in the fridge – separating the green leaves and white stems

Sliced up half a red onion

After the chicken was cooked, took it out and put it in a bowl in the freezer to cool

Got the wok hot with sesame, chili, and canola oils – then added broccoli and the white bok choy stems, cooked that (stirring constantly) for about 3-5 minutes and added the onion and the carrot, cooking for another 3-5 minutes

Added a little soy sauce and a scoop or two of broth from the chicken water.  At the SAME TIME I was cooking in the wok, put the soba noodles in the chicken water and cooked for about 6-7 minutes.

Sliced the chicken after letting it cool for about 5 minutes and added it to the wok

I took a packet of miso soup (get that at the Asian market) and added 2/3 cup of chicken/soba water to it

Took the soba noodles out of water and put them right into the wok – tossed things around and then added that miso broth to it and then it was READY TO EAT!



Byzeks together = Cooking up a STORM

Wes & I went to Cary to see the family, as Barader & Saskia were in the States from Germany.  When we all get together, there is a A LOT of cooking and eating and drinking going on.

Thursday night we had salad, as mom, JM, & Saskia had just gotten back from the beach with Jeff, Yeva, and the girls.  They were wanting light, so we cooked shrimp and steak and had big salads with a vinaigrette potato salad – yummy and light!

Friday night Jeff, Yeva, and the girls came over to mom’s and he made paella – YUM!


It was chock full of good stuff from the beach, along with green beans and asparagus (mainly due to the fact that yours truly does not like green peas).

Saturday night was when EVERYONE was there to visit during dinner time – Uncle Jim and his friend Anne, our cousin Nancy, all of us – party!  We grilled out and made steak, portobello mushrooms, chicken thighs, mushrooms, and scallops.

Sunday morning was my request for Special Breakfast.  This is something my Dzedo used to make when we went to Pennsylvania or he would come visit us.  It takes a while to cut everything (thank you Nancy for the peppers being cut) and then cook it in stages.  Potatoes, peppers, sausage, bacon with eggs (eggs are separate, though some in the extended family may disagree).  When it was all done, supper yummy!

Special Breakfast!

You can smell this and it just reminds you of Babi & Dzedo’s house when you woke up and this was waiting for you!

As imagined, there was a lot of beer and wine consumption.  I normally drink wine, but when around the brothers, consume lots of beer instead.  Our cousin, Chris, sent some yummy Nut Brown Ale from Jax with Uncle Jim and that was quickly consumed with praise all around.

Great trip, great to see everyone.  Girls were adorable and lovable – sad to leave and drive home to Atlanta.