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Massaman Curry

We went to our friend’s house this past Saturday and instead of ordering in, I said I would make curry, which we all love.
Start with a wok (mine is cheaper and from IKEA, but works great) and add oil. You can add about a tablespoon of oil…coconut, olive, or avocado all work great.
I then add spices.
Massaman curry paste that I buy at YDFM or  Buford Hwy Farmers Market. I put in a good 2 tablespoons. Then powdered lemongrass, garlic (fresh or granulated), sriachi to your liking, juice of 1 lime. You can also add shrimp paste, lime zest, kaffir lime leaf, other spicy sauce like chili paste or schezuan.


Stir and add liquid to smooth to a paste. I like homemade stock or miso broth. Add a little salt and pepper here now. Next add your veggies. I add (in this order) 5-6 cubed red potatoes and 4 diagonally sliced carrots. Let that cook, stirring regularly, then 1 head each of broccoli and cauliflower, then about two handfuls of sugar snap peas or something like that, then one whole pepper (I like red) cut in small cubes.
Cook all that and add liquid as needed to keep things “loose” when you are stirring.
Then add cubed chicken and let that cook.
Then add 1 can lite coconut milk and let cook another 5-10 minutes. I actually crushed up cashews and added shredded coconut, as I had that around.
Serve by itself or you can make rice or quinoa and eat it over that.
Add more sriachi at that time if you are my husband!


Enjoy!! Pretty clean if you don’t use rice and just eat by itself.