Monthly Archives: April 2012

I am a genius!

OK – maybe not a ‘genius’ but I figured something out that I think is pretty helpful when making certain items.

I worked Saturday and we have various, sporadic, welcoming ‘grill and courtyard’ areas around my property that are ‘first come, first serve’ and were ALL being used.  GREAT sales tool when you are touring but a HORRIBLE reminder that you are working on a Saturday, are STARVING b/c you had no lunch break, and  a bad reminder that you would love to actually leave work @ 5 instead of closer to 6 to get to a place to MEET YOUR FRIENDS or family to have a yummy burger and a beer  and enjoy the outdoors like you witnessed so many others doing earlier that day!

Wes texted me and asked, “hey, how about grilling out”,  GENIUS of him to recognize that it was a perfect day for that!  He went to the store and got meat and buns and tomatoes.

I got home and realized I didn’t have any bread crumbs or oatmeal to ‘bind’ the meat together with the egg whites (usually I use one whole egg, but all I had were whites, so that works too), so I looked in the pantry and found (da da DA) –

Joe’S Os (or CHEERIOS!)

I put them in a freezer bag and pounded them down (rolling pin, meat hammer, pot or frying pan) and then added them to the ground beef/scallion/garlic/balsamic vinegar/egg white/S&P mixture…mixed that up and made yummy burgers!

You could also use this for MEATLOAF – if you are out of breadcrumbs b/c who doesn’t have Cheerios??

*formed the burgers, cooked, and ate them – but no photos b/c we were HUNGRY! 🙂