Monthly Archives: March 2011

So(ba) Delicious!

Wes & I went to the Italian Film Festival @ GSU tonight with Oana and Mike.  Then we went to Porter Beer Bar (I love you Yeti beer, all chocolate-y and delicious) afterward for some beer and popcorn.  At said bar, we talked about dinner and ALL OF A SUDDEN I was craving Asian noodles!

Came home and Boiled 2 frozen chicken breasts with powdered ginger, about 5 garlic cloves, and 2-3 shakes of lemongrass

Grated about 4 carrots with the mandoline

Cut up the Baby Bok Choy we had in the fridge – separating the green leaves and white stems

Sliced up half a red onion

After the chicken was cooked, took it out and put it in a bowl in the freezer to cool

Got the wok hot with sesame, chili, and canola oils – then added broccoli and the white bok choy stems, cooked that (stirring constantly) for about 3-5 minutes and added the onion and the carrot, cooking for another 3-5 minutes

Added a little soy sauce and a scoop or two of broth from the chicken water.  At the SAME TIME I was cooking in the wok, put the soba noodles in the chicken water and cooked for about 6-7 minutes.

Sliced the chicken after letting it cool for about 5 minutes and added it to the wok

I took a packet of miso soup (get that at the Asian market) and added 2/3 cup of chicken/soba water to it

Took the soba noodles out of water and put them right into the wok – tossed things around and then added that miso broth to it and then it was READY TO EAT!