Monthly Archives: October 2010


LOVE LOVE LOVE when we can with Vince & Ann!  We have a whole ‘system’ in place and everyone has a job.  We talk and can at the same time, munch on appetizers, drink some wine or beer, and just have a great time!

This time – we made Pickled Beets, Pickled Okra, and Peach/Strawberry Jam!  We canned A LOT! (70 or so jars total!)


We talked Christmas traditions and how we do gifts for family – they do a ‘homemade’ gift, so that is where canning October comes in!

Vince usually mans the stove, I stuff jars and prep, Ann is a jack of all trades, and Wes is good with the ladling!  Vince was MOST appreciative of us NOT canning in June/July like we usually do!

Had to fix the jam a little after the fact, due to our non-knowledge of pectin!  Did that at home and about a week later – and am now down about 4 jars of jam!  BOO!